Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Visibility Graphics Dialog and Using Current View Only

Revit 2014 introduces an enhancement regarding importing CAD data (I believe undocumented). During an Import of CAD, in the past when we used the option "Current View Only" Revit showed a reference to that link in the Visibility Graphics dialog (V/G) regardless of the view we were working in.

With Revit 2014 it now filters out the link in views that it was not imported into. Naturally if you use Copy to Clipboard and Paste Aligned to put a copy in another view Revit will start to include the link in the V/G dialog again. This is what you should see if you use Current View Only for the import.


Paul F. Aubin said...

Hadn't noticed that little gem. Nice!

Ronnie Schmidt said...

What this means is that you cannot use a view template to control the visibility of all the imported/linked DWG's that are in "Current View Only". You can create a template from a view, but if you add a new DWG and want to add VG options to the template, you cannot do this. This is because the CVO DWGs do not show up in the template.

Ronnie Schmidt said...

It seems that as of Update Release 2, you can now globally control "Current View Only" DWG's via a view template.