Friday, July 12, 2013

Revit MEP 2014 - Reapply Type

This button snuck past me in my reading about what's new. I don't see anything at all about it in the What's New documentation at the WikiHelp pages at Autodesk either.

Originally I was preparing for my What's New session at RTC (happening right now!) and while I was working through various tasks I noticed the button and thought, "Hey I don't remember that in 2013!"

    Well my memory isn't that good anymore apparently because it IS in 2013 too.

I don't see it in the What's New for 2013 though and I didn't find it in 2012. Perhaps I am sort of correct (a little?) that it is new, or at least undocumented? I guess this fits into "What's old is new again"? I left a mention of it in my What's New class handout even though it isn't new to 2014.

If you haven't noticed it then let me explain.

Imagine you've placed a lot of duct and then change the related duct system settings about which fittings should be used. Nothing will happen to the existing duct. The Reapply Type button will take whatever duct you select and REAPPLY your recent changes (to the type) to your selection. Once a duct is placed it more or less remains inert unless another duct it trimmed or extended into it, touches it. When the duct is harrassed by another Revit will start to refer to the settings to determine what fittings to use.

Here's to "new" old features!

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Jeff Hanson, Autodesk said...

The reapply type button and functionality was a 2013 enhancemnt to routing preferences in MEP. The button from the Ribbon is documented.

The links are to the 2014 wiki help but you will find the same documentation in the 2013 Wikihelp as well.

Jeff Hanson
Sr. Subject Matter Expert
Autodesk Revit