Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Synchronize with Central and Referencing Elements in Linked Files

A post yesterday at RFO reminded me I've not written about this situation before. Generally Revit supports applying dimensions to elements that are in linked files (tagging too). If we go down that road a paradox of sorts can occur as several of us are working. RFO member AnthonyB did a nice job of explaining the conditions he encountered. The following is based on his example, applying dimensions to linked walls:

Model A has walls and Model B has dimensions. Larry adds some new walls to Model A and uses Synchronize with Central (SwC). Then Larry opens his local copy of Model B and adds dimensions to his new walls followed by using SwC.

Meanwhile Darryl already had his Local File of Model B open doing other things and Larry's changes all happened while he was working in this file. When Darryl uses SwC to share his changes he gets a warning message like this one.

Further, since Larry added a couple tags on walls, in the link, Darryl's message includes something like this one. The host elements (walls) are not present so Revit wants to toss the tags too.

We must take extra care when we choose to reference elements in linked files. If your project uses this approach you'll need to let others know that they should use Manage Links, select each affected link and click Reload BEFORE using SwC. This will ensure the elements that your current project file is supposed to see, will be. Be careful out there!

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