Monday, July 08, 2013

Recent Files and Worksharing

Just don't do it. Don't use the Recent Files page/list if you are actively working on projects that use worksets (worksharing). Why? All too often I find people click on the links that are offered there instead of clicking Open to browse to the location of the Central File to create a new local file.

The Recent Files page that opens (if you let it) will offer you the last few files you worked on. If you closed your local file last night then that's the file it will offer you in the morning. I've always encouraged people to make a new local each day, in fact I just make a new local every time now regardless how many times I leave and return to a project. When you click on the link on the Recent Files page you'll be opening your local file from yesterday. Is it the end of the world? No but the larger the team and the bigger the project the less I want you to do it. The more moving parts the more chance that working with dated local files can introduce a conflict.

If you just created the central file then the file offered is actually the central file. Clicking that opens the central file without asking about a local file at all. I've seen that happen several times. The person that just created a central file ends up working in it and then other people get started in their local files. When the person in the central file tries to synchronize they get the message that they must Save As to create a local file first. Confusion sets in for a moment and then they realize what happened...or they ask me what happened and we realize what happened together.

When I'm working on projects that use worksets I only use the Projects > Open link if the Recent Files page is being used. I could use the Application menu > Open or just click the little Folder icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Once I've got the correct central file located I just make sure the Create New Local option is checked and off I go. Oh, I also make sure I choose the Specify option so I can decide which worksets to start with. My local file will open a lot faster if I'm selective.

I say "just say no" to the recent files page. (when worksharing is involved)

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