Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revit 2014 New Categories in Schedules

Earlier this month I mentioned that we can create schedules for grids and levels. Those two categories are just a few of the categories that a schedule can see now.

These additional categories: Generic Models, Entourage, Structural path and area reinforcement, Structural Fabric Area, Structural Beam Systems, Detail Items, Pads, Levels (see previous post), Grids (see previous post), Architectural Columns and Roof Soffits.

In addition to new categories we can also include the parameters “Phase Created” and “Phase Demolished” in our schedules of model elements. It has been frustrating that such an important aspect of Revit has been overlooked for so long in schedules. Glad to see it is overlooked no more...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

These are all pretty good enhancements.
Just a shame we still can't tag the Phasing parameters.