Friday, May 31, 2013

Hide Workset Backup Folders

If you ever work on a project where there quite a few central files it can be bothersome that the _backup folders that Revit uses are presented first in the dialogs that provide access to files. I've found that I can use the "Hidden" file flag to get rid of them assuming I can live with my Folder View settings assigned to hide hidden files and folders.

In the properties of the Workset project's backup folder I check "Hidden".

Then in the settings that govern the display of files and folders in Windows Explorer I use the "Don't show hidden..." option.

Personally I find I need to be able to see hidden files or folders fairly often so it ends up being a bit annoying when I've made the change. I tend to flip back and forth and decide how long I'm going to be working a certain way before committing.

Something to consider...

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Erik said...

Now if I could just script that and push it to the users.