Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Revit 2014 - Schedule Grids and Levels

Revit 2014 has added grids and levels as valid elements that a schedule can be based on.

I've not personally needed to schedule them for documentation purposes but I have wanted to do so many times just so I could analyse a project's datum. For example when someone says their level has "gone missing" a schedule of levels will quickly tell me if it is still there. Now I know that it is an issue with the extents of the level as opposed to someone deleting it entirely or perhaps assigning it to a workset that isn't open or visible.

I've seen a few offices that provide a "Storey" summary of their project on their general sheets, along side code compliance information. A level schedule can help provide this without resorting to text and lines that are not tied to the model data at all.

Mentioning worksets, it is worth noting that is not an available schedule field for a level or grid, it would be if it could be part of their schedule too.


Brian Beck said...

Missed this change earlier. This could be handy for the very reason you state. Thanks Steve

Anonymous said...

check this out.
It's a workaround by making a family hosted by levels and creating a family schedule reporting height.

This is another one which uses mass and its schedule reporting height.

Steve said...

Don't need workarounds now :) I'll just use 2014!

flotsam said...

Thank you. I was looking for not used grids, comparing grids schedule and graphical column schedule.