Monday, May 20, 2013

Case App Delete Sheets Views and Links

This application will strip a model down so that just the 3Dness of the model is left. I feel it is a bit too aggressive in that it even removes all floor plans. There are lots of unnecessary views to be sure but having at least one floor plan for each level can be helpful. Also there are many who end up using "By Linked Views" to make sure what they are seeing is the same as whomever provided the model.

I am not convinced that removing views is really worth doing routinely. I'm inclined to think that only the super large projects might warrant resorting to doing so in order to reduce linked file size and loading times.

Odd quirk with the User Interface is the pair of OK buttons.

I hear Pee Wee Herman saying, "Okay okay..."


Clay said...

On one project that required regular view purging, I set up a View Browser type that filtered out the views to keep. Select all the views left in the list and hit delete, then switch it back. Not as slick as the app, but it let us keep the "By Linked Views". It would be nice if they could work a filter into the Delete View check box.

Clay said...
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Erik said...

I've used it strip a file for posting on our Coordination FTP site for use with Navisworks.

ARUtils has a similar app as part of their suite of tools. It has more granularity. Views not on sheets, etc. Allows you to exclude certain views.

Anonymous said...

We do offer more control over what gets removed in the subscription version... the free version is quite basic and does not discriminate on what it removes... but it is FREE

Erik said...

Huh, whadaya know? Don's right. The subscription tool DOES offer more control.

Used it this afternoon to start an off-shoot project of an ongoing project using save as, delete area not needed, delete views and sheets not needed.