Thursday, September 22, 2011

View Filter Stack Order Matters

Here's a quick reminder about View Filters, the order they appear in matters! From Autodesk's WikiHelp documentation:

Note If multiple selection filters are applied to the same view, the order in which they are listed denotes priority. The selection filter nearest the top of the list takes precedence. (bold emphasis is mine)

If you apply filters and find that you don't get the result you were after, double check the order you've applied them. You might just need to move one up or down in the list to get the result you want.


Aaron Maller said...

Not only does it matter, but wonky things happen if you try to CHANGE the stack order... See the below:

Bol said...

The easy way to remember is the software works its way from the bottom up the list. Also if something has been switched off in an earlier (lower) filter, there is no way of bringing it back by another.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely crazy that you can't bring things back on if higher up in the list, what's the point of precedence by Up / Down arrows if they don't. It's typical Autodesk ass about face approach. As you work up a model and create a set of drawings over time each new elevation or section family type created for specific drawings start appearing on all other views, so I'm forever going in an creating a new filter to specifically turn them off again in all the views they don't relate to. The majority of the time specific drawings have specific elevation and sections associated with them, so you want to be able to switch off all sections and elevations in a view and simply switch back on the ones relevant to the plan view not the other way round!!