Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Schedule Concepts - Calculated Values and Headers

Prompted by a few questions read at and AUGI in the past few days I decided to record another short video. I used ducts and the notion of figuring out how much they cost based on a cost/ft scenario. The pricing you'll see in the video and screen captures are quite a bargain so you might want to rush out to buy some duct if you can get a supplier to match them?

The concept discussed in the video for calculated values relies on the stock Cost and Length parameters, Cost x Length. The assumption is that the price entered for Cost is the cost of the duct per linear foot (easily applied to metric values). None of this presumes it's the appropriate way to price them, the concepts can be applied to anything else.

The other concept demonstrated in the video is adding a group header to several columns in the schedule. The trick to getting a group header is how you go about selecting the columns. When you click in a header field Revit thinks you want to edit the value. You need to click and drag to select the other columns so you don't just select the column header you click on and drag...then let go of the mouse button to finish. Watching the video is probably more "obvious". Not hard to do, just subtle. Kind of like learning to drive a manual transmission.

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