Friday, September 02, 2011

Quick Tip - Move a View to a New Sheet

I've added this bit in front of the original post (09/03/2011) after getting a couple comments: This post assumes that "you" are already familiar with the concept of dragging a view onto a sheet from the project browser. Not everyone is aware that it is possible to reassign a view to a sheet by dragging within the Project Browser itself.

If you realize that you've put a view on the wrong sheet you can just select it and "delete" it. The view is removed from the sheet, no it isn't actually deleted (on the off chance you haven't done it before now). Probably already knew that much. Did you know that you can drag and drop it on another sheet instead? When you expand a sheet listing so you can see the views that are on it, listed under the sheet name, you can select a view and drag it to a new sheet. When you let go of the mouse button (ends the drag mode) Revit will open that sheet and let you place it.

Yet another way to manipulate stuff. In practice it becomes harder to use when you have a real project with lots of sheets. Often you can't get both sheets within your view of the browser and it's a little awkward to scroll up the Browser. Revit will do it, just have move your cursor toward the top or bottom of the frame to convince it you want to.

Added this too (09/03/2011): I also like to use the Right Click option > Add View because the list it offers is only eligible views. You have to scroll the list to find your view but at least you know you won't run the risk of dragging a view to a sheet that's already on a sheet.


Christina Ashcraft said...

If you open the sheet you want the view on, you wont have to scroll through the browser while dragging the view. Just drag it straight from the browser onto the new sheet where you want it placed.

Anonymous said...

another way to do it:
open the destination sheet, drag and drop the view from the browser as you described into the opened sheet.

Steve said...

My assumption when I wrote the post is that "everyone" knows about dragging a view onto sheet. Not everyone knows that it can be done inside the browser itself.

I wrote it after someone told me they wished it was possible to move things around in the browser by clicking and dragging.