Friday, July 22, 2011

Shared Coordinates and Copy Monitor

I read and responded to a post at AUGI over the last few days. The problem is that levels in the structural model won't display the shared elevation values based on the architecture model. To replicate the situation I imagined what steps were taken, based on the info in the post. I couldn't reproduce the problem. However, one thing my attempt didn't include was the Copy/Monitor tool (C/M). It turns out that when the levels are involved in a C/M relationship they won't acknowledge the change in their type parameter setting: Elevation Base > Shared.

Here's the steps that were part of the issue:
  1. RAC Model started with Level 1 at 864'-0" elevation (not at zero)
  2. RST gets RAC model and moves their levels to match
  3. RST uses Copy Monitor for levels and grids
  4. RAC model uses Relocate Project to move back to "project elevation" 100'-0"
  5. RST uses Acquire Coordinates to adjust - no acknowledgment of change
If you do this without C/M (step 3) it works.

Once two files are sharing coordinates you can't really remove this relationship. If you remove the link and import it again (Auto - Origin to Origin) the relationship survives.

To truly remove (really more like replace) the relationship I use a new file that is based on the stock Revit template default.rte. I import this file and Acquire Coordinates from it instead. Revit can only acquire coordinates from one source file so using a "good" one "resets" it so it is possible to acquire them from the original file after removing the C/M relationship.

Once the shared coordinates are "reset" I was able to import the RAC model and use Acquire Coordinates to match up the elevation values. Lastly, I used Copy Monitor to let Revit watch the levels again. Hopefully it doesn't happen again!

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