Friday, July 15, 2011

Sharing Data and Language

Interesting thing is happening to a friend and his firm as they collaborate with an engineering firm based in China. Language is an obvious issue for project meetings and documentation. At a little deeper level how about between applications. Let's say using Navisworks and exports from Revit...

There is no translate option during export!

Seems to me the "solution" to sharing this is to use a common language for the modelling/software/documentation. Easier said than done perhaps to choose English as the "language of business"? What if the project is to be built in China? Better make sure you have native Chinese speakers on staff?

Architecture/Engineering work is increasingly international and multi-national, I imagine we haven't seen the last of this sort of thing.


Aaron Maller said...

We had a situation where the documentation itself had to be in two languages. Our solution wouldnt have helped with the Navis export at all, and it sort of falls apart the moment there is anyone actually USING Keynotes on the job. HOWEVER, here is what we did:

As an aside, now there are applications that can take an exported schedule to tab delimited text, have the text file updated, and reupdate the model data, which means you COULD preserve keynotes and do this with simple shared parameters, for documentation.

Still doesnt help with the Navis export though.

Matt Mason said...

Great post! we're seeing expanded interest in this as well.

One of the things we threw into the 2012 version of our Utilities for Revit is a Translate tool. It leverages online translation web services to translate your Revit parameters:

Matt M,