Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dept. of Subtle - Exporting and Printing - Show List

Back in January of 2008 I wrote a post for the HOK CAD Solutions blog that has since changed its name to HOK BIM Solutions blog. The post is about what happens when we use the feature to filter the list of views and sheets to print. The same can be said for exporting to other file formats too.

The Show options that appear for Sheets and Views are filters to control the display of views in the list above. They do not affect whether a view is selected or not. If you have Views selected and turn off Views display, they remain selected and they will print/export regardless.

It is important to either scroll down the list to make sure just the views you really want are selected or click the Check None button to start over, otherwise you may end up with a bit more printed output than you expected.

The same thing is true of the export dialog.

A video might help explain it better?

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