Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dept. of Echo - Revit Implementation: Workflow Tricks

The most recent AUGIWorld was posted and available yesterday. It is the "Management" issue and I thought I'd take a moment to "shout out" about Aaron Maller's article (works for Beck Group in Dallas).

His is the cover's feature article and title of this post: Revit Implementation: Workflow Tricks. He shares useful insights regarding the Revit 2012's approach to handling the "initialization" information that historically been stored in the Revit.ini file. It's still there sort it already! If you deal with this aspect of Revit routinely I'm sure you'll appreciate the information! Good job Aaron!

AUGIWorld High Resolution (30 MB)
AUGIWorld Low Resolution (6.9 MB)
AUGIWorld Read it Online

Since this blog is obviously Revit biased you also find these other helpful Revit focused articles:
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Kelly Cone said...

I am SO Glad I didn't have to deal with these changes this year - it was so simple when you could just type a 1 or a 0 and turn off press and drag...

Aaron Maller said...

Im glad you didnt have to dela with them either. Oh wait.... LOL.