Wednesday, July 20, 2011

File Upgrader for Revit 2012 Available at Autodesk Labs Plug-ins

They've made an updated version of the Revit File Upgrader available at the Labs, check it out!

From the blog post:
    In addition to being stellar programming examples, the ADN plugins provide useful functionality. As such, the developers routinely update them in response to feedback at With this in mind, there was a recent update of the File Upgrader for Revit. You can use this plugin to batch upgrade previous versions of Revit files to the Revit 2012 format. This utility tool is intended to help upgrade family contents, but you can also use it to upgrade project files. As included in its read me, and all ADN Plugins of the Month come with read me files, the changes for this version include:
    • Support wider range of source filename lengths (including single character file names)
    • Handle situations where multi-level nested source sub-folders are devoid of Revit files (except for the last sub-folder).
    • Set the focus of the list box in the user interface dialog to show the new entries being logged.
    • Reflect the progress of the upgrade more correctly especially in cases where there are files not matching the upgrade file types in the source folder.
    When using this plug-in, avoid placing the destination folder as a subfolder of the source folder. It doesn't handle that. The source code is supplied. Anyone care to try their hand at fixing that?

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