Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Patterning Plug-In Teaser

Via a Tweet today HLJacobs posted a video at You Tube demonstrating a patterning tool.

Looks interesting! I suspect that HLJacobs is none other than Hiroshi, founder of RevitCity. Could be a coincidence?

And this one too:

This one too:


Hiroshi Jacobs said...

Steve! Oh boy, how did you find that?? I didn't Tweet it... I put that up for some friends a coulple of weeks ago, but I guess now the cat's out of the bag. The whole thing is bug-infested right now so it'll probably be a while before anything happens...

matt jezyk said...

Hi Hiroshi,

Long time no talk. These plugins look great! We are very happy to see them and we'd like to hear more about them from you, please get in touch. Very creative use of the conceptual design apis!

matt jezyk
autodesk inc

Steve said...

I guess your "friends" tweeted about it then? Looks interesting!

Hiroshi Jacobs said...

Not this time Steve, lol thanks! Matt I will be in touch.