Friday, April 01, 2011

Tip - Control Visibility of Image via Size Parameters

You can't control the visibility of an image file like you can other elements in a Revit family, such as mapping a parameter to the "Visible" parameter. Daniel Stine mentioned this the other day as another candidate for a blog post and I agree!

If you have an image in your family, say a logo for a title blog, you can turn it on/off by increasing and decreasing its "size".

Selecting the image and mapping a parameter looks like this:

It's only necessary to map one of the "size" parameters to make it "zero" high or wide even though my example has mapped both to parameters. As soon as one parameter is "zero" the image can't appear anymore. So I did double the work that I really needed to, didn't take long though, phew!

Here's a video to demo what we are attempting to explain.

Hey, happy April Fools Day! No special post for today...uninspired and lazy! Plus nobody would believe anything I wrote today anyway. The tip is for real!


Unknown said...

Excellent tip! I've always nested the images in a .dwg file which allows for a single visibility parameter, but who wants to rely on a secondary platform just to manage the image;)

Dave Baldacchino said...

Ahhh great tip, didn't notice you could do that. My technique has always been that of placing the image in a generic annotation family and gain visibility control through that.

coreed said...

is there a problem with the audio in this video or is it just me?

Steve said...

Hi, microphone was plugged into the speaker and vice versa...amazed it worked at all. Will replace the audio soon.