Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Building Design Suite Peek

Looking forward to getting a closer look!

Cool Splash Screen - New Max rendering style

RAC Splash

RST Splash

RME Splash

Max Splash

Structural Detailing Splash

Suites are set to make a "splash"


Steve Bennett said...

Not just any splash, but a suite splash!!!

MrCamper said...

Cute pictures.... My excitement is a bit dulled as I sit here retexturing a Revit model exported to MAX every bit as complex as the ones pictured here on the flash screens, but the reality is I had to export as dwg due to the fbx kept failing (12+ hour export on a HOSS system) and am now having to retexture/redo the UVW mapping on 585 textures applied to over 21,000 objects (14.4 million polys) wheeee!!!!