Friday, April 01, 2011

RTC USA 2011 Early Bird Window Closing Fast

Phil posted this at Arch|Tech and I couldn't say it all any better so here it is again...echoed:

FYI! Having quickly reached the "early bird" limit for attendees of Revit Technology Conference this year in Huntington Beach, CA early bird registration will close as of this Monday, 4 April (midnight PST). So far registrations have been received from 17 States across the USA as well as several other countries.

Interestingly, over 80% of registrations received have been from outside of California (including international registrations). So mark your calendars, book your flights early and let's get together to teach, share and support:
For all of you that have already registered, thank you for your support! For the rest of you, keep in mind these three important points:

RTC is keenly focused. We're deliberately concentrating on BIM and related AEC technologies!

BIM isn't just one technology. It takes an ecosystem of customers, developers and exhibitors to make it all work!

Time is money! RTC is incredibly complimentary to Autodesk University. And because Autodesk historically releases new software in the spring of each year, RTC is strategically timed to help you get up to speed quickly as possible - then share your success with others this December in Las Vegas!

Early bird registration ends Monday (and what you'll save could cover your airfare!). So sign up today and we'll see you in Huntington Beach this June!
I'll add this bit: As a testimony to the resilience of the people of Japan, the conference already has six registered attendees who hail from their stricken country! We wish them and their countrymen/women all the best and a speedy recovery effort!! We look forward to letting them take their minds off deeper issues for a bit by entertaining them with Revit during the conference in June.

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