Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Revit 2012 Draws Nearer

Hearing reports that Revit 2012 software is available in some markets via the subscription center. Might be worth checking during the next few days to see if it becomes available in your market. As of tonight I'm not seeing it here yet.

The rumored release data, meaning "boxes" shipping is April 11th. That means, if the past is any measure, that the online access to it will be some days prior. Essentially once the final compiled version is turned over to the media preparation side of operations it can be posted online. Just a matter of file transfers, and web page preparation and voila...the download "meters" go wild for a few weeks at Autodesk!


Matthew Gonzalez said...

Currently getting this when I click on the "Download" button on my subscription page:

This website is temporarily unavailable.

To better serve our customers, we are currently adding new features and enhancements to this site. Unfortunately, during this short period of time the site is unavailable. Please check again later.

Thank you for your patience!

Anonymous said...

"Ghosting" sounds useful to me.

But more than just the stand-out new features in any new release, is the hundreds, if not thousands of general improvments to the whole program. That's what I like.

I use the classic UI with 2011 simply
because all the commands are faster
and the program starts up faster. I'm hoping that UI is still available for 2012 because I don't have the time to navigate multiple
groups of jumbo-sized icons that jump around.

And even though a couple of simple Microsoft programs like Word and Paint have the ribbon, Windows 7 is basically the conventional, (classic), UI. Same with Photoshop and other more complex programs.

They can try to relocate the clutch, brake and gas pedal for a marketing
gimmick, but it won't last.