Friday, April 15, 2011

Dept. of Echo - Installing 2012 Products

David Harrington mentions this morning that it is easy to overlook the option to customize your installation.

See that little "down-arrow" next to the text..."Bring Building Information Modeling..."? That's the key, click that to expand the screen to offer configuration options for content and file locations. Since you may be "in-the-same-boat" you ought to read through his post before you get too deep?

Harlan and the gang at The Revit Clinic have posted a couple critical items for anyone who is about to deal with installing software.

First is that it is no longer "easy" to switch from Network to Stand-alone licensing types. You have to reinstall for one or the other. Honest reaction..."yuk". Better forewarned?

Second item is that some "Cheese-has-moved". Read through the post to see how it affects these items

  • Journal Files
  • UserDataCache and Revit.ini
  • OmniClassTaxonomy.txt
  • UniformatClassifications.txt
  • shxfontmap.txt
  • UiState.dat

As you wait!!

Alan reminded me that he also wrote something about installation as well as referencing another Clinic post. They wrote to let us know that some content is still downloaded over the internet during the installation despite the initial sizable download to start the process.

Okay, now as you were...


cadalot said...


See my posting about this and more at

Kerstin said...

"yuk" too. I just saw that I can not change the license server once it is installed, right? This kills me... is there really no hack or other way to specify a new license server w/o uninstalling?