Friday, November 26, 2010

Unresolved References

I'm experiencing an issue where files that have linked files (Revit files that is, haven't tested CAD links) that aren't found are causing Revit to get stuck at the Unresolved References dialog. A simple test will confirm, rename a linked file and try to open the project that references again. It happens to me whether I'm referencing a file on a network or on my own hard drive regardless. The computer also freezes any other graphics that appear over the Revit session. I can drag the application to a different monitor but an image of it is trapped on the Revit window. Very odd. This is what the dialog looks like unfortunately.

The only way I can get back to work is to use Task Manager to use End Task on Revit.exe. I can't open any file that can't find its references. Looks like I've got a Uninstall/Reinstall in my future, near future, very near future.

Anyone else running into this?


Blue Jay said...

Steve, are those Revit links or AutoCAD?

Steve said...

Revised my post.... Revit links at the very least.