Thursday, November 11, 2010

Conceptual Energy Analysis - A Series of Experiments

Darren Lewis in Portland, Oregon started a blog (Blend in Motion) back in July and has been posting every now and then. He recently started a series of posts documenting his exploration of the Conceptual Energy Analysis tools (CEA).

If you are curious about the tools but haven't had a chance to dig into them yourself you might find his observations helpful for when you do get time? Darren and I met when I did some work in Omaha with HDR several years ago. Welcome to blogging!

Here's links to each post in the series so far:

First Post
Second Post
Third Post
Fourth Post
Fifth Post (added 11/12/10)
Sixth Post (added 12/09/10)
Seventh Post (added 12/16/10)
Eighth Post (added 04/29/11)

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