Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AUGI | AEC EDGE - Article Plugs

There are many articles to choose from in the latest issue of AUGI | AEC EDGE but I'm writing to plug a couple today.

The first is "Lessons of BIM" by Laura Handler (bim(X) blog)and Courtney Pagani. They are both part of Q5 an affliate of Tocci Building Corporation.

The second is "The Mass Family Editor". It is written by Marcello Sgambelluri and as the title implies, it is for family editors (and conceptual massing too). He works for John A. Martin in Los Angeles. He's been spending many hours poking away at it and he shares a bit of what he's discovered during that time.

These are links to the text version of each article but you can reader the online version or download the pdfs at your leisure.

Lessons of BIM (text only)
The Mass Family Editor (text only)
Online Version of entire eZine AUGI | AEC EDGE
High Resolution PDF (57.7 mb)
Low Resolution PDF (30.4 mb)

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