Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autodesk University Virtual - Four Free Premier Passes

Counting down: Four Three Two One No Passes available - Well it didn't take long but I'm out! Thanks and all the best to each virtual attendee!

Last year I received four free passes to share with others as a result of attending AU physically. They've (Autodesk) continued with this tradition so I now have four new codes for AUv ($139 value). When I offered them last year I wasn't sure how best to pass them along. I thought about some sort of odd contest but we're all busy and I don't need to distract you anymore than this already has.

To get one of the free Autodesk University Virtual Premier  passes you need to send me an email and ask. The tricky part is figuring out how to get my email. It's a test! Only the quick and smart will win *-).

Remember AU Virtual premier is a bargain if you can't get to Las Vegas and attend this year. You get access to much more content because there are more classes than last year. It's the same great presenters giving you your own "private" class, if you just disregard the other hundreds of people tuning in.

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Rick said...

CAD Training Online is still allowing people to register to win one of four AU Virtual passes: http://www.cadtrainingonline.com/CAD_Training_Online_Autodesk_University_Contest.html