Friday, November 12, 2010

Project Vasari Update

I attended a technology preview for this product this morning.

First, just visit David Light's blog. He's done a really great job of summarizing the features as well as including some cool images to get you salivating. He even explains the origin of the product name. I won't even attempt to outdo him (or equal). I'll just mention a few things I heard during the preview.

It is a standalone conceptual modeler, all other Revit tools removed. Intended to be a simple easy to use conceptual modeling tool with integrated energy analysis as well as inter-operable with Revit. By simple I mean simpler than full Revit.

Why Vasari?
  • Architects are getting more and more interested in early design considerations
  • Greater interest in form study and performance based design
  • Designers and academia have a significant impact on technology trends
  • Autodesk needs a platform to support conceptual design more

Probably during the first half of next week, on Autodesk Labs (six month duration expected, no subscription requirements). They are going to provide a Full Download (+/-400mb)and a Streaming Install. For the streaming version a minimal amount of the application is installed and you begin to get to work quicker. Application information is downloaded as needed.

Some other observations:
  • They are providing brief essential skills videos.
  • It was pretty cool to see that using a Double Click permitted editing of a family
  • Autodesk ID Sign In will give you access to web services
  • 32 bit version only because they believe there isn't a strong need for a 64 bit version since 32 bit applications work in a 64 bit OS anyway. This means that there isn't the same memory implications for Vasari as for full Revit and large projects. They'll be looking for information to demonstrate otherwise naturally.
  • Considering working in a perspective view for a future version

There is a Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Unknown said...


Any idea whether it will run on an Ipad?
That would be the ultimate.

Richard Z.

Steve said...

I don't recall any mention of iPad support but it should work via Remote Access like others are doing with Revit now.

Anonymous said...

Vasari not running on my windows 7 64 bits!!!!