Friday, November 19, 2010

BIM Family Toolkit at Autodesk Labs

Autodesk Labs just released something called BIM Family Toolkit. It's meant to provide a way to get from Inventor product data to a Revit Family. This bit is from the Labs site.

The BIM Family Toolkit Technology Preview allows building product manufactures the ability to easily export Inventor configuration data from iParts and iAssemblies (parameters, file properties & component visibility) directly to Revit families. Once the family data has been imported into Revit, users can create a simplified version and leverage the imported parameters and properties directly in Revit reducing the amount of time it takes to create BIM Ready Models.

I don't know how many firms using Revit also have Inventor so I'm not sure how well it will do at Labs. I suspect that manufacturers using Inventor will benefit and Revit users may benefit downstream as opposed to undertaking the workflow themselves. Labs has posted a video to CREATE and another to REFRESH at You Tube.

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