Friday, October 22, 2010

Pick a Favorite Article - AUGI | AEC EDGE

The Summer 2010 Issue is just about ready, any day now. If it isn't obvious the eZine comes out after the end of the season it is named for. Well...somewhere nearish the end of the season, that's the goal. Stay tuned and watch the site for this new cover!

I know it is asking a lot but I'd be interested in hearing which article you enjoyed the most in all the issues of AUGI | AEC EDGE. I know that different ones will resonate with different readers but it will be interesting to see if any particular articles standout.

Our publisher is interested in including the most popular one in a special separate publication they do that features all of Autodesk product related articles. I hope I can cajole you into thinking about this and telling me via EMAIL and/or respond to the post at AUGI or LinkedIn.


NKramer said...

I dont see a poll on AUGI and the Linked In group says that its for those who work on AEC Edge.

Steve said...

Sorry, no poll. Not possible to poll over one hundred articles. Need to rely on the reaction by readers that recall fondly a particular article. Not much response yet, sadly. Busy people I guess or not enough readers reading the request.

I forgot that the Linked In page is for writers etc that are part of the team, but I'm looking for their input too...

Mixed my requests up a bit.