Friday, October 15, 2010

Dept. of Off Topic - Site Cleanup

I don't have a sense of how attached people are to what I've stored on this site but I do know that I've grown weary of scrolling my own site to get to various links. I've condensed all the links that I used to have on the right side bar to the maximum of ten sub-pages that blogger allows.

If you've become accustomed to finding something via my blog then most likely you'll find it on the sub-pages now. I hope that you'll find the shorter length of the blog page overall as pleasing as I do. Another advantage of the sub-pages is that I can use more html formatting to start considering flagging blogs or sites that I want to highlight as more active etc.

I have been told from time to time that people rely on the Builds and Updates page to check for the most recent build information. I try to keep that as current as possible and it is easier to check the build number here than on Autodesk's site since they buried the build number in the pdf they issue for each web update.

I also increased the maximum number of posts that can appear to five so that the posts and the sidebar are nearly the same length. I hope these subtle changes make the site a bit cleaner and clearer. As you were...


iyyy69 said...

Thumbs up on the changes. Thanks for the great blog!

Steve said...