Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revit Worksharing - Instant Messaging via Bluestreak

Project Bluestreak on Autodesk Labs has introduced a new communication feature

Autodesk Project Bluestreak is a cloud-based collaboration solution that helps AEC project teams collaborate informally and coordinate their work efficiently. Project Bluestreak simplifies AEC project team communication by consolidating the information silos used alongside design, analysis, and data management applications. Project Bluestreak is the first collaboration solution to integrate informal project team communication and automated notifications from AEC applications, starting with Revit. By combining team communication tools with Revit worksharing notices and one-click file access in a compact desktop app, Project Bluestreak consolidates multiple tools for BIM processes, making team modeling more efficient.

The most recent update includes the following enhancements:

Bluestreak Desktop - a compact window that works alongside any Autodesk or other desktop application so you can stay connected to your distributed AEC project team with real-time communication and automated application notifications.

Autodesk Revit Activity Stream App – an app that connects Revit to Bluestreak cloud services. It combines automated notifications of Revit worksharing events with informal team comments so team members can communicate when models are saved to central to ensure efficient hand-offs.

Autodesk ID - Autodesk Bluestreak now uses Autodesk ID so you can sign in to multiple Autodesk applications with a single username and password, making it easier for you to remember and manage your account information.

Liability? That a firm must allow users to participate in Autodesk Bluestreak so that they can collaborate. One more thing for EyeTee to do, so to speak.

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