Friday, October 08, 2010

Dept. of Events - AIANY Tech Committee - DESIGNING, Design, Assembly, Industry

Event: AIA/NY Tech Committee
When: October 12, 2010
Time: 6-8 PM
Where: Center for Architecture (Tafel Hall - Lower Level)
Admission: Free through support by ABC-Imaging

Subject: DESIGNING Design, Assembly, Industry
Presenter: Scott Marble Marble Fairbanks - NY,NY

Based upon the recent work of Scott Marble and Marble Fairbanks.

The logic of digital processes in architecture has begun to structure the way that architects design, builders build, and industry is reorganizing. These processes have generally followed one of three directions that are only now beginning to coalesce into a coherent system of architectural production: Designing design is a procedural issue, and addresses how design processes are being influenced by new digital workflows; Designing assembly is a material issue, and addresses how digital production, processes, and material properties influence design concepts; Designing industry is an organizational issue with a drive toward integration, where vast amounts of design information span across multiple disciplines and can be modeled and managed more efficiently. Scott Marble, a founding partner of NY architecture firm Marble Fairbanks, will present these topics in the context of his firm’s recent work, as well as within the context of a current research project (and forthcoming book) that he is directing at Columbia University’s GSAPP, entitled, The Columbia Building Intelligence Project (C BIP).


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