Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dept. of Subtle - Moving Fields in a Schedule

As you probably already know, moving schedule fields around is limited to a Move Up and Move Down button in the Schedule properties dialog. A schedule with many fields has a list longer than the space in the dialog allows for. Revit introduces a vertical scroll bar to help us out. The list doesn't follow the movement of a field as you move it up and down though which means you lose track of where it is as soon as you raise it above the top of the displayed list or drop it below the bottom of the displayed list. We get to play a little game of "click, click, click, scroll, click, click, click, scroll" until we find it in the correct location.

It is this annoying issue that caused me to realize that I could just select everything else I want to move under or above a given field instead. One click of the Move Down or Up would put it exactly where I wanted it to be. It is a bit of reverse thinking, do the opposite of what you want, to get what you want. I figured a VIDEO would help this post so I made MADE ONE. Hope it helps!


Erik said...

Thank you, thank you. A true time saver.

It's not backwards thinking, these little solutions to problems are true genius (literally.)

Jake Boen said...

I agree with Erik. True genius!

Dimitri Harvalias said...

Nice tip Steve.
If you have a large number of fields to select there is another option.
Remove the field you want to move from the right side list.
Scroll the list and click to highlight the location you want, and then add the field back onto the list. The new field is added directly below the highlighted field.

iyyy69 said...

Steve, great tip!

Dimitri, nice tip as well - however one thing to look out for is if the field is being used to "sort", or has formatting applied, etc., those associations may be lost with the temporary remove and add.