Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dept. of Quirky - Copy Monitor Fixtures

I observed that rotating a fixture using the Space Bar doesn't cause Revit to consider the fixture moved when using the Copy Monitor feature. If the fixture is moved then it generates a coordination warning. This means you can't just rely on the software to let you know a change occurred that needs to be dealt with. It can't do everything for us but I'd have thought this sort of change would get trapped at least. Here's a VIDEO that explains it visually.

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Anonymous said...

This is the case indeed. Individual element rotation doesn't alter any of the visible parameters of the element. This comes up often in structures as purlins are almost always rotated, yet no parameter reports their state. Revit would be more wholesome if all parameters would be visible like insertion point coords (or location on host), rotation, any visibility overrides, pinned or not etc. For these we have to go into Snoop mode, but that is a painful workaround. Bol