Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dept. of Off Topic - Hotel Thoughts

I caught a red eye flight from LAX on United courtesy of Autodesk Saturday night so that I can attend "Blogger Day" at the Trapelo Road office, near Boston. A webcast for bloggers starts up at 12:30 PM EST Monday, September 27th so hopefully you'll be hearing quite a bit about the substance of the event from bloggers during and shortly thereafter.

I've been joined here (so far) at Aloft (A Vision of W Hotels) in Lexington by Robert and Krista Manna, David Light, David Baldacchino and David Harrington. What is it about the name David and blogging about Revit?? I also learned too late that Jeffery Pinheiro (The Revit Kid) is also attending and we didn't know to look for him while hanging out at the WXYZ Lounge tonight.

There is evidence in the picture above that HVAC engineers do use flat oval duct! Nice that 2011 provides for such ducts!

I wrote about my visit to Aloft the last time I was here. This time I was pleased to see that a couple of the things that I found curious were not still curious. For example I found that there was an outlet available for my phone charger this time. The roller shades both fit in their tracks properly and extend to the base of the window sill.

The entrance slider doors haven't changed (not too surprised though) and I took a picture of David Baldacchino rushing out of the building in an emergency and running into the fixed panel of the second slider.

Well, off to bed to dream about new features for Revit! Be sure to check your news reader at lunch and after, Twitter too!

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