Thursday, September 30, 2010

2011 Subscription Advantage Pack posted at Autodesk Subscription

I could have prepped this message in advance but I wasn't positive it would be released on the date they hinted at on Monday. The hint was accurate. This means that you can visit the Autodesk Subscription site to download the Subscription Advantage Pack for 2011 Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP.

Quite a few other bloggers have announced this already so I hope this isn't reaching you for the first time now. Robert Manna (don't think: Do Revit) mentioned some information I've not seen repeated so I'm echoing it now.

Autodesk is working on a beta Wiki

Robert's post included links to three different topics of the wiki, they are:

Revit Server Installation
Revit Server Administration
Conceptual Energy Analysis (This link isn't working yet)

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Jeff Hanson - Autodesk UX said...

The link to CEA is now working. I also wanted to point out these help documents (Revit Server and CEA) are authored in a WIKI environment. Anyone can add to and edit these docuemnts as they wish. If someone uncovers a key piece of information we missed while workign with these new tools, by all means edit the wiki page. Working together we can make better documentation for all users in the community.