Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dept. of Subtle - Face Based Families and Schedule Level

Face based families are a bit awkward when you place them because they infer a relationship with a level that often doesn't match your intentions. The correct level assignment is created when you place them in a plan view because the associated level is explicit and unchangeable. It is a different story in elevation and section views though. As you'll see in the VIDEO the Schedule Level parameter appears in the properties palette for these families. The parameter name is a bit ironic since the parameter does not appear in schedules!! Schedules have a nice Level parameter but we can't change it within the schedule view.

When you place face based families just remember to check the Schedule Level parameter so that it will have the correct Level assignment in your schedules.


GR said...

Can almost view this as a bug. When placing faced based families Revit (internally) is well aware of it's elevation (Z) and therefore could , at least as an option set the schedule level to the placed level for the default. And of course API could fix this as well ;-)


Robert said...


Revit knows the Z, but, should it always look down? You cannot simply say "Assign the closest level" as the closest level may be above, but you may want to schedule based on the level below. What if there are intermediate levels which are for some other function, messzanine, Top of Steel, roof eaves, etc? How should Revit (or an API tool) determine which level is the "correct" level?

Brent said...

Thanks, this is helpful. If you get a chance would you mind seeing if you could provide an answer to my post regarding a face-based family:

Anonymous said...


Always edge cases ;-) Just think Revit can provide decent stab at default level on placement. Can always change it as can currently. Select from levels that have floorplans and take the level closest.


Steve said...


Replied to your thread: