Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revit Web Update 2 Posted - Build 20100903_2115

The web updates for each Revit version became available while I was "winging" it back to the west coast. The Revit Clinic made the announcement initially and several other blogs are echoing the announcement to get the word out. Me too! Note that this is NOT the Subscription Advantage Pack I was writing about over the last couple days. That is still forthcoming. See the notes at the end of this post.

Click these to visit the download pages, choose your language.
Revit Architecture
Revit Structure
Revit MEP

  • Web Update 1 (WU1) is included with Web Update 2 (WU2) - It is not necessary to install WU1 first, WU2 will take care of it.
  • The Subscription Advantage Pack (SAP) that is imminent will require WU2 so there is no redundancy to install WU2 now and then the SAP when it goes live.
  • It will be necessary to visit the Subscription site to get the SAP when it becomes available.

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Chris said...

The Subscription Advantage Pack is now available...