Monday, September 20, 2010

Dept. of Woe - Delete Checked

A short post while hoping power is restored in my hotel. A sad yet amusing tale with sympathy... Our intrepid "victim" was dutifully reviewing warnings and was thoughtfully deleting said warnings once read. His thinking was, "I'm deleting the warning not actual elements, why would Revit do that?" I admit I laughed when he said this and then realized he was sharing a painful experience. How kind of me! He finished by saying he found out a little later how wrong his thinking was.

I often wonder why the brute force response to all offenses, DELETE the offender!, "off with its head! Revit could use a kinder gentler approach. How about, "Hi Steve, you've made a fine mess of your project, would you like me to renumber all these elements that share the same irrelevant mark value?" "Shall I turn on leaders for all these poor room/space/area tags that have wandered outside their yard?" "Shall I open the Pod Bay door Steve?" "Yes Hal (Revit), open the Pod Bay door please.

Be careful! It's dangerous out there!

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Anonymous said...

I did that a few times when I was a beginner. I still think its not a good 'design' for the software to behave that way!