Friday, March 27, 2009

Save Locations and a little more Abu Dhabi

When you examine the Manage Links dialog you'll find the Save Locations button at the far bottom left side. I find that most people assume that this has something to do with the path of the file. It actually is related to Shared Coordinates instead.

When you change the position of a file that is using shared coordinates Revit will generate a warning.

If you click Save Now then you don't need the Save Location button this post refers to. If you click OK you can continue to massage the location of your link until you are satisfied. If you want to update the location now you can just Save the file and Revit will pop up the following.

Click OK and you still don't need the Save Location button. If you happen to be using the Manage Links dialog, or don't want to save your current project yet, now the Save Location button becomes useful. Click Save Locations in this state and you'll get the same dialog above which gives you the chance to publish the changed location to the linked file. Keep in mind that you can't save this data to the linked file if someone else is already working on the file.

In the spirit of "location" and since I'm far from my home location, here's a photo of the Abu Dhabi Mall, a pair of bridges that span the open air space between floors and the roof glazing system above.

I started out using my iPhone to take pictures, at the airports for example, but my computer refuses to let me extract them from the phone now. A problem to solve later so I've resorted to using the camera, which I actually remembered to bring. I still have to kick myself to remember to carry it with me. I envy others who seem to have the "I must take pictures" gene.

There are a lot of construction projects underway in the Middle East these days, though some are slowing or in some cases even halting in light of the economic pressure everywhere. These following images are of a quite large project that I can see from my hotel room window. These pictures are of the Al Reem Island development project, quite major development!!

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