Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Basic Design Bar Tab - Trivia Test

So why has there been a Basics Design Bar tab all these years?

a - Because user studies said it was needed
b - Because Leonid Raiz said so
c - Because Jim Balding said so
d - Because Basics just sounded good
e - none of the above

Well the true story was shared recently by Erik from Inside the Factory. He wrote:

"Lets take as an example the old Basics tab. Some users we tested indicated they liked Basics. But when pressed, they usually conveyed a story about not being able to find something as they grew with the product. A little known fact: Basics was originally designed to make the product easier to demonstrate; the marketing guy would not have to flip around too much during the demo. In reality, Basics becomes a crutch. After using it for a while, user find themselves asking, "Hmm, Floor is on Basics, but Floor by Face is not. Is it on the Massing tab or the Modeling Menu or somewhere else? " This results in a lot of wasted searching - even after learning where the tool is located."

The above is an excerpt discussing the motivation for the upcoming user interface changes we will see in the Revit 2010 products. I love little stuff like that and had to share it what are you waiting for? Go read the blog yourself!


Unknown said...

The part about the marketing guy demo'in Revit, really made me laugh!!! My experience is that sales and marketing guys should stay away from technical software. :-)

Anonymous said...

Agree with David.

It's the first thing I turn off when setting up a new user. I've found that it just confuses new users for the very reasons described.

Jim Balding said...

I always heard that it was the tools you used at the beginning of a project allowing you to get rolling faster. Turns out that marketing runs the show... HA!!!