Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meetings - Change Them

I read a blog post by Seth Godin today. I think you probably should too. That's assuming you spend a lot of time in meetings, meetings that sometimes fail to live up to expectations?

I know an architect who's first meeting agenda item was "when is the next meeting?". I also once worked at a place that I had two mandatory meetings a week that the first hour I spent in it I contributed nothing and gained nothing. Fortunate for me after a few months of that I succesfully argued to be able to discuss my agenda items first so I could get the heck outta there and get back to the pile of voicemail that inevitably was waiting for me.

Seth's got some sage advice to literally change how your meetings are conducted, how effective they are and whether they happen at all.


Aaron Maller said...

AWESOME post. I printed it out, and am distributing it.

Ill be using it too, since meetings are the bane of productivity. :)

Architect said...

Take a look at:
They have a series of podcasts on how to have effective meetings.

DaveFano said...

Hi Steve-

Great to see people sourcing site outside of AEC. Thanks for the link.