Friday, March 06, 2009

Back to Basics: Mark and Type Mark

Language...with Revit's parameter naming the follow is true:

Door Number = "Mark" (not the person but the signature, ID or identifying "mark")
Window "type" = "Type Mark"

Out of the box, Revit's tags are assigned to these as described above. A door number is unique for each door so its tag is using a label assigned to the "Mark" parameter. Windows, for the most part, are defined according to a "type", a common letter or number designation for each window of a given "type" or configuration, therefore a window's tag is assigned to the "Type Mark" parameter.

"Mark" is located in the Element properties dialog while "Type Mark" is located in the Type Properties dialog. Most of Revit elements have both. Some Mark values are automatically supplied based on the "last" value entered and many are not. Type Mark values are not supplied with the assumption that each project will have its own needs and will be defined accordingly.

If you don't approve of the out of the box setting, you can create your own tag so that you can properly identify an element according to your needs.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have multiple mark for one family?
We are currently designing the copper cable drops(like electrical sockets) where you can have multiple sockets in one object i.e 1,2,3,6.
I want to tag these sockets the problem is they are as one family with different symbol such as (1) {2}(can't change it now this is almost the last phase of our project) how would i be able to tag each of them each socket has unique number?
I can tag them with multiple line but the risk is that it will not tell me if the number has been used previously.

Steve said...

I missed this comment how ever long ago it was posted, sorry. For anyone that wanders here and wonders about this too...

Use a different instance parameter like Comments and tag these devices with a tag assigned to that parameter instead. If you need to apply a Mark and circuit info then combine parameters into a single tag or tag the device twice with separate purpose built tags.

Alternatively, for data devices they can be assigned to a circuit which can be associated with a data panel. For multiple circuits to appear in the tag however the family would require several connectors and that has its own practical issues. The factory ought to put more time into better matching how the real world is represented in the model environment.