Friday, November 15, 2013

View Reference and Camera Location

We still have no annotation for camera or 3D views like we have for sections, elevations and callouts. With the introduction of View References as associated with the Matchline tool and their subsequent expansion in later releases we don't have to wait. We can make our own. It won't be precisely associated with the camera or its orientation. It will be up to us to make them reasonably close. Here's a quick example.

If we can do this for a camera view I hope this makes you realize that you could use the same technical to create other view annotation that isn't tied inherently to the view like sections, elevations and callout graphics currently are. It would be a little redundant but for example structural engineers often like to point to column details like this. If I create an enlarged detail of a column I can use a View Reference to provide the graphic look they want.

Something to consider.

If you'd like to reverse engineer these examples: CAMERA Ref and COLUMN Ref.


Danny Jones said...

Clever....This seems like a "What Revit Wants" comment!

Paolo Emilio Serra said...

I tried to do some tests with the API, I know it's anything like annotations in Revit, but I guess the final result should look like this.

Margarito Garcia said...

I did this recently to create 3D plan views and call them out on a site plan. I created dummy plan views and placed them on a sheet. Then I would use a view reference on top of the normal callout.

Greg said...

Very good idea. Could you elaborate a little bit on how to create the second example? Or point me in the direction to read how to.

Steve said...

Added links to each example to download.