Sunday, May 27, 2012

RTCAUS Wrapped for Another Year

I was busy pretending to be @RTCAUS on Twitter during the conference. I also wrote a few things during the conference on the blog for RTC. Those two alter egos provide ample distraction from this blog unfortunately. Between the attending of sessions, the socializing, committee member roles etc... I just didn't have enough brain cells left over to post here too. I hope to be able to resume being just me again soon!

The conference went very smoothly. Well there was the elevator needing a part from Germany. There was the internet service provider playing havoc with my "mello" but for the most part it really went swimmingly!

Ralph Grabowski attended the conference this year and wrote several articles about the event on his blog "World CAD Access". If you don't follow his blogging I encourage you to consider doing so. He's been deeply involved in following this "biddness" we are in, from a technology perspective at least. All for now, check out Ralph's post for some insight. You can also review the Tweets and the pictures that were part of many of them. I'll be posting pictures and info on the Facebook site in the coming weeks too.

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