Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apply View Template to all Views

I don't recall when this first showed up but I noticed it first in Revit 2012. Here's what it looks like with a right-click in Revit 2013.

My first reaction was cool! Then I wondered, "When or why would I use it?". Pondered it for a bit and decided that it might be cool if I have a sheet full of details that needed some cleanup. Create a view template and then apply it right quick. Then again I could just select multiple views in the project browser and apply them. With Revit 2013 my view templates will adjust all those details as soon as I change the template, or at least they can if I set it up that way. I suppose this feature might be handy if I forgot to do it and they were all on sheets at this point.

A subtle refinement to process that probably just goes unnoticed? I wonder how many of my readers use it, know about it, care?


Anonymous said...

I will use this to hide all linked Autocad in elevations and sections .

Miguel V said...

I'm a little concerned w/ the new 2013 view template feature as it takes away the flexibility of independently controlling the VG per view regardles of the View Template assigned to it. I have seen many times when on one view you want to hide a category, but not in another eventhough they share the same View Template.

Peter in Maryland said...

We try to use View Templates responsibly, but they can be squirrelly. With RMEP 2014, we think we are seeing a problem with applying a view template to multiple selected views (in the project browser). It can apply view template properties, but the command will not actually apply the template. Is this yet another bug, or did some programmer think this was a good idea?


Steve said...

I think the issue is confined to Project Browser behavior and multiple selections. I find that some actions don't pass on to all selected items, just the one that is active (like a view). I don't know if it is related to View Templates more than others. Perhaps because we have to click on a button to activate it, maybe only the open view gets the View Template assigned while the other selected views are altered but not assigned the template. I guess we'll have to do some testing.

Anonymous said...

you can also just select all the views on a sheet and then apply view template to all selected.