Thursday, May 10, 2012

BIM Coordinator for Civil 3D and Revit

Autodesk Labs posted an application that was developed by Autodesk Consulting. You can read more information HERE.

It functions as a plug-in that is installed in both applications, Civil 3D and Revit. It allows a Civil 3D user to define the shared coordinate system to be passed on to a Revit project. Running the tool in Civil 3D is based on selecting two points on a reference building footprint file (don't forget paying attention to elevation) and saving the information to a separate file.

Note that it uses a file formatted as ACCSXML (Autodesk Consulting Coordinate System eXtensible Markup Language).

The file is then used in combination with a plug-in tool inside Revit that asks you to pick the same points in Revit and then select the source file. As the project progresses, you can pass model data back and forth easily as long as you export by specifying the correct project units and Shared Coordinates each time.

You can watch a video at You Tube that explains how it works (9:53)

The process described assumes that the person deciding where the building goes is using Civil 3D which in my experience is not necessarily accurate. They'll ultimately be responsible or define it precisely eventually but the building location is often affected by a lot of things and roughed in by designers using an underlay of a survey and civil data.

It is also very important that the person using Civil 3D passes along the two key points on the building. If they get this wrong or we misunderstand them we’ll end up with a discrepancy when we potentially pick slightly different points. Of course this assumes that the civil engineer is not sitting right next to “us”, the architect or structural engineer. Connecting the information between all parties still boils down to someone deciding what building location is "spot on".

Check it out, might help your next project?

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SpunkyMom said...

Very cool! I just set up Shared Coordinates on a project the regular way... Will have to mockup a copy of the project and give the utility a shot! Thank you!