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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Revit 2021 - W Shapes-Column Family is Missing

The stock imperial architecture template has the W Shapes-Column family loaded with two types: W10X33 and W10X49. I was experimenting with new features and noticed the family isn't part of the 2021 content deployment, weird. I had to reload from the 2020 version to add a size.

If it's not one thing it's another.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Resizable Dialogs in Revit 2019 - Not Noteblock Schedules

Hey! When you were making more dialog boxes re-sizable you missed one! It's really hard to be sure I'm selecting the correct family with this dialog.

If not outright re-sizable, maybe put the Name field at the top and stretch out the list box underneath and make it at least as wide as the dialog?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Revit 2017 - View Range Keyboard Shortcut

Brian Mackey wrote a post earlier today that describes two quirky issues with using the new View Range keyboard shortcut VR. It is definitely subtle, quirky and worthy of an echo.

The first quirk is having to click Apply first and then OK to close in order to make a change stick. I'd run into that too and meant to write something but Brian was quicker to the keyboard. The other, and very important, thing to know is that using it ignores when a View Template has been assigned to a view, meaning the template is supposed to be controlling the parameters for View Range. That's not good! Check out his thoughts.

As such it is no longer his favorite new subtle feature and I'm inclined to agree, too bad.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Revit 2017 - Reference Plane Subcategories

As I shared in the What's New post the other day, we can create our own Reference Plane subcategories; in both projects AND Families.

It is my opinion that Families should NOT bring Object Style subcategories for Reference Planes into Projects when they are loaded.

I realize that this is carry on baggage because Object Styles are loaded from a family into a project, that's how it works. However, it would be much better if something we can't even see or actually use in the context of the project doesn't get added to its database.

If people really like this enhancement and start using in all of their content then it could get really messy. The only people that won't incur the wrath of this are those that manage their content library aggressively. I really hope we don't end up with this...

I sure hope this is something the folks at the Building Content Summit will consider discussing to get out in front of it some.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

View Range Help Doc Image

I was pointing out the View Range help documentation earlier and noticed that the plan view seems to have Thin Lines on, no particular difference in the lineweights depicted. At the very least it is a bit anemic looking. I think it would be a little more helpful to be more obvious which lines are affected by the Cut Plane by showing the Cut lineweight, like for the walls.

Fwiw, I think View Depth should be moved above the Primary Range when the View Range dialog is opened for Ceiling Plan Views...and maybe called View Upth? :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Line Styles Dialog

A recent thread that discussed the validity of saying Revit is "poorly written" generate the observation by one member that it boggles the mind why something so little has never been fixed. This is the subtle quirkiness.

Why is it necessary to click the little + sign every time this dialog opens. For that matter why is there a + sign at all. It's not like there are more things to show us?? Notice I used Comic Sans for the text? :)

Member Iru69 wrote:
...Do they leave it that way as some kind of inside joke?

Our office left the Christmas wreath up on the wall until July last year... it just became a running joke - how long before the office manager thinks to take it down? We had an office pool going for the date it would come down (FTR, I wanted to take it down, but I wasn't going to be that guy). I'm starting to think that's what's going on at the Factory with this kind of stuff.

It just adds up and up and up and at the end, I'm like, this just sucks.

I waited until after Christmas to post this one... I'm nice that way. ;)