Saturday, April 16, 2016

Revit 2017 - Reference Plane Subcategories

As I shared in the What's New post the other day, we can create our own Reference Plane subcategories; in both projects AND Families.

It is my opinion that Families should NOT bring Object Style subcategories for Reference Planes into Projects when they are loaded.

I realize that this is carry on baggage because Object Styles are loaded from a family into a project, that's how it works. However, it would be much better if something we can't even see or actually use in the context of the project doesn't get added to its database.

If people really like this enhancement and start using in all of their content then it could get really messy. The only people that won't incur the wrath of this are those that manage their content library aggressively. I really hope we don't end up with this...

I sure hope this is something the folks at the Building Content Summit will consider discussing to get out in front of it some.

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Simon Weel said...

Ah them subcategories. When I started using Revit, I was horrified when I found out the Family Editor doesn't allow selecting a subcategory of an opened project. I mean, having to type subcategory names again and again is a good way to clutter things badly.

So, on my wishlist is the Family Editor Subcategory picker. So when assigning a Family part to a subcategory, just pick the item, use a drop down list to select an open project file and pick a subcategory in that project file. And don't allow the Family Editor to create Subcategories.....