Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Create New Local is Disabled

I've written about this in the past, like THIS ONE. Today I noticed another circumstance where the option is disabled even though it shouldn't be. When we browse to open a project we can click on a file listed among the contents of a folder. If we do that then Create New Local is enabled and checked by default. At least that's true if other circumstances are not preventing it, like those described in my other post.

What I saw today is that if I choose to type some of the file name in the file name field Windows will supply me with a list of file names that begin with those letters, cool Windows behavior. If I select the correct file using that list then Create New Local sleeps through the effort and fails to become enabled.

Want to see it happen?

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Dave Baldacchino said...

At least, as compared to what used to happen in the Jurrasic era (that's like in 2006 when I started to seriously use Revit), when a user gets in the cental file now, if another user syncs with central it will not let the offending user simply ruin someone's life by overwriting the central and invalidating all other active locals. Instead Revit will let that user know and give them the opportunity to save their "central" as a local file somewhere, then sync with central. I don't recall when this change slipped in, but it's made working with centrals and irresponsible users much less stressful :)